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First bug found and fixed!

Hey all, Trevor here. On Friday evening we had our first beta tester bug report. When attempting to scan or calibrate, the software threw an exception and shut down. The major clue was the tester was… [Continue reading]

Beta Scanners - Status Update

We’ve had a lot of requests for an update on the status of the beta scanners so here it is! The good news is that we’ve received confirmation from our shipper that the scanners have been picked… [Continue reading]

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The Matterform Scanner

The world’s first truly affordable 3D scanner for anyone. Quick, high quality scanning of real world objects for use in printing, animations, and games.

The Matterform 3D Scanner allows anyone to take a physical object and turn it into a digital 3D model on their computer.

Our Scanner works with any 3D Printer or online 3D printing service so it'll work with whatever printer you already have or any printer you're considering getting in the future.